The Lifestyle

   Unspoken Truth believes in a positive lifestyle in all facets of the world. We believe in speaking positivity in existence. To achieve positivity worldwide our focus is to speak positive to one another. Our slogan "SPEAK LIFE NEVER DEATH" is the foundation of our brand's thoughts and actions. We truly believe that life and death are in the power of the tongue and that it takes encouraging words to uplift the next person, instead of spreading negativity that only brings self-doubt. 

by Tre Grady

 Founded in 2015 in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. Unspoken Truth is a positive lifestyle clothing brand seeking to deliver a message of peace and hope to humanity through thoughtful designs of clothing. Our brand is inspired by the hardships we encounter with daily. Our slogan “SPEAK LIFE NEVER DEATH” expresses the bold lifestyle we bring to the culture.

Behind The Art

 Every day is full of decisions that we must make, regardless if we want to or not. Constantly we're debating between dreams, distractions, goals and hardships. Life can be overwhelming and force us in a corner to feel trapped. Sometimes this trapped feeling influences us into make the wrong decisions in life. The artwork above displays that situation! It explains the importance of taking the time to turn around from all the commotion and just think about the decisions you're going to make and how it's going to affect our lives long term. It's important that we think these things through because our futures are on the line.

Our Story
Edited by Arielis V. Serrano